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How Much Does a Pallet of Grass Sod Actually Weigh

Many people who want to purchase a pallet of grass sod become very surprised when they find out the actual weight of a single pallet of sod. Fortunately, many farms that offer pallets of sods also deliver their products to their customers directly.

The actual weight of sod pallets depends on the amount (thickness) of dirt, grass type, relative moisture, are the sods in the form of rolls or slabs, and similar ...

Published: October 21, 2022.

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What Is Sod?

Put simply, sod is a small patch of grass, held together by grassroots and sometimes with a biodegradable mat, allowing the gardener to start the lawn almost instantly.

Depending on the climate, grass type, weather, etc. sods are often harvested between 9 and 18 months.

Sods can be offered in the form of slabs or rolls - while individual slabs generally cover a smaller area than the individual rolls, a pallet of sod slabs generally covers more than a pallet of sod rolls.

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But, this also depends on the dirt thickness, grass cut height, grass type, etc., and varies from farm to farm.

When looking for a pallet of sod, be sure to check:

  • are sods in the form of slabs or rolls,
  • number of sods,
  • the expected individual weight of the sods,
  • the expected weight of the pallet.

The actual weight of a pallet of sod can be anywhere from 2000 to 3000 pounds (~900-1360 kg) and if the weather is rainy and the soil is very moist, the pallet of sod can weigh even more than 3000 pounds.

Note: farms generally avoid very wet weather for collecting, packaging, and transporting pallets of sod for many reasons, so generally, pallets of sod will rarely weigh more than 3000 pounds.

Some farms may even weigh pallets before loading them, but more often they weigh individual rolls and/or slabs and then calculate the weight of the whole pallet - this doesn't provide actual weight, but even such approximation is often good enough.

If You wonder how much a pallet of St. Augustine sod, Bahia sod, Centipede sod, Bermuda sod, Zoysia sod, Fescue sod, etc. weigh, the answer is the practically the same (again, 2000 - 3000 pounds), since the weight directly depends on the dirt thickness, grass cut height and the moisture content and not that much on the actual grass type.

How Long Can Grass Sod Sit on a Pallet?

The longer the grass sits on a pallet the greater the shock for the grass.

The actual recommended time varies from one day during warmer sunny days to 5-7 days during colder days without much sun.

Personally, regardless of the weather, don't let your grass be on the pallet for more than 24 hours. If You are looking for pallets of sod, contact preferably local farms and ask their delivery time - most of them will pick/collect sods, package and deliver pallets of sods practically the same day or the delivery will be done the next day, but the sods will be packaged in the afternoon.

Note: farms want to have returning customers because keeping lawns is an ongoing task and they will do a lot to have You back!

 What is Better, Grass Sods or Seeds?

Both grass sods and grass seeds have their pros and cons.

When positioning the grass sods, the surface is elevated by the thickness of dirt and the lawn can be established much faster.

Seeds are generally cheaper, but they require much more time to establish a thick layer of grass.

When growing lawn from grass seeds, the soil must be thoroughly prepared.

However, it is a big mistake to think that establishing the lawn from sods doesn't require soil preparation - it does, but not as thorough as when trying to establish the lawn using grass seeds.

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Sod Slabs vs. Sod Rolls

Again, both slabs and rolls have their pros and cons.

Personally, individual sod rolls cover a larger area than individual sod slabs.

And if You do need smaller sod slabs, using a very sharp large knife, gently cut the required sod slab for the sod roll.

Also, sod can sometimes be delivered in really large rolls, simplifying the establishment of really large lawns.

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Long Story Short: A pallet of sod can weigh anywhere from 2000 to 3000 pounds, sometimes more. Don't call me lazy, but I prefer heavy things to be delivered to my driveway and even if possible to be placed on the exact spot where I want.

So, if You need a pallet (or pallets) of sods, contact the farms that offer what You want and ask them about delivery - most of them will try to deliver the pallets where and when You want.

But, if You do have a strong truck that can withstand a load of 3000+ pounds, then yes, You can pick up your grass yourself.

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