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Growing Garden Geranium In Pots

Garden geranium is very easy to grow since it is not very picky about soil, water, nutrients, and other growing conditions, which often prevent other, more sensitive plants from growing and flowering.

However, when provided with proper conditions, garden geranium flowers for almost the entire growing season. Thus, garden geranium is often grown in smaller flower pots and containers and used as an ornamental plant.

Published: May 29, 2023.

garden geranium in pot 1

How To Plant Garden Geranium In Pots And Containers

Garden geranium is very simple plant to grow, regardless if it is in pots and containers or in a flower garden in a permanent position.

So, take a suitable pot, make plenty of drain holes, and fill it with good potting soil.

In this example, we took the 20 x 6 x 6 inches (~50 x 15 x 15 cm) container and after making enough drain holes, we filled it with good potting soil - slightly acidic, rich in organic matter, well aerated, and drains well.

garden geranium in pot 2 fertilizer

Garden geranium grows strong and flowers extensively when planted in nutrients rich soil.

When the plants are placed in the garden, feel free to add a little bit of pelleted manure (chicken, cow, etc.), some worm castings, and similar.

However, to prevent the buildup of any unpleasant smells, we added several fertilizer sticks (for flowering plants) with a gradual nutrient release (up to 2-3 months).

garden geranium in pot 3

Take the geranium transplants out of their pots and place them on the soil surface in their soon-to-be container.

Adjust plants' orientation and remove any yellow or weak leaves or flowers if needed.

garden geranium in pot 4

Plant the garden geranium transplants - make holes in the soil to accept the rootball, place the rootball in the holes, cover it with some soil, and press gently.

garden geranium in pot 5

Place the planted garden geranium on their (semi) permanent position and water generously. The container should be kept in partial shade in the first few days, at least during the strongest sun.

After that, water the plants as needed, occasionally remove dead leaves and flowers, add a few fertilizer sticks every 2-3 months, and that is it...

garden geranium 2

Garden geranium is one of the easiest perennial plants to grow, so regardless if you are a novice or professional gardener, plant a few of these in your backyard (flower) garden or at your home, and enjoy their vibrant colors.

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