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How To Open Pomegranate?

Pomegranates are very tasty fruits that are not just "wash and eat" fruits. Even when fully ripe, it takes some time and effort to open a pomegranate and enjoy its arils.

But, with some practice, it is very easy to quickly and safely open even the toughest pomegranates. Just be aware of pomegranate juice droplets - they leave stains that can be rather hard to clean ...

Published: September 29, 2022.

 how to open pomegranate 1

Fully ripe pomegranate is a relatively heavy fruit, not round anymore, with (mostly) five visible "ridges".

how to open pomegranate 2

Take a fully ripe pomegranate and a strong, very sharp knife and cut both the top and bottom of the pomegranate carefully, trying to cut down to arils, but not the arils - it is a guessing game, so there is no need to rush.

how to open pomegranate 3

Now, very carefully make 5 cuts from the bottom of the fruit to the top of the fruit, between the "ridges" - some people even prefer to cut over the "ridges", I personally tried, and I didn't like it. how to open pomegranate 4

These cuts should be only 1-2 mm deep - they have to cut outer pomegranate skin without damaging the pomegranate arils. Also, the cuts should be deeper on the top of the fruit.

how to open pomegranate 5

Now, put the knife aside and take the pomegranate with both hands - with both thumbs, try to split the fruit slowly.

Note: remember the story about pomegranate droplets? Well, they are one of the reasons why this splitting must be done slowly...

how to open pomegranate 6

And that's it, the pomegranate fruit is open, exposing its arils, the reason why we like pomegranate fruit so much ...

Note: Again, to open the pomegranate fruit, You need a sharp knife - be very careful how You are using it, after all, it is your own responsibility...

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