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Banana, Apple, Walnuts Quick Smoothie

Fruits and nuts can be quickly blended into quick and tasty snacks, that can keep one satiated for a longer period of time. One of such mixes is banana, apple, and walnuts quick mix.

Published: January 19, 2022.

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Preparation is very simple:

- peel off one banana and one apple and chop them into smaller pieces - this of course depends on the mixer/blender one has,

- put chopped banana and apple into the mixer, add walnuts and mix/blend everything.

Note: depending on desired consistency, blending can last just a few seconds or up to 15-20 seconds, or even more. The longer the mixing/blending the finer the texture of the blended food. Also, be sure that the mixer's/blender's blades are as sharp as possible.

banana apples walnuts mix 4

And that is all - a quick and tasty snack is prepared.

Such snacks/smoothies can be used for breakfasts or for daily snacks between main meals.

Since it contains all the fibers and all of the nutrients found in the fruits used for preparation, this blend is a much more satiating meal than making 'just a juice' using the same ingredients.

Note: not many juicers can process walnuts!

If you are going to eat it at some later time, be sure to store it in the fridge and be sure to use an air-tight container.

Personally, since it is prepared so quickly, eat it right away ...

Bone Appetite!

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