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How to Make Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry ice cream is a very refreshing delicacy loaded with beneficial nutrients that can be made in just a few minutes.

All what you need are fresh or frozen blueberries, some low-fat or cottage cheese, perhaps some ice and your are good to go ...

Published: July 27, 2019.

frozen blueberries ice-creamBlueberries are available year long - fresh or frozen. Personally, I prefer fresh ones, but frozen are great, too.

Also, using frozen blueberries requires less time in the refrigerator for ice-cream to get its creamy consistency.

frozen blueberries ice-creamPut blueberries in suitable tall pot.

I use sport shakers that can be purchased cheaply - they last for a long time and are very easy to clean.

frozen blueberries ice-creamNow, add some low fat or cottage cheese and some cold water or even ice cubes.

If you can get whole goat milk, add it and forget water or additional calories - few extra calories are nothing compared with benefits that such milk provide.

Anyway, low fat or cottage cheese is great source of calcium and slow digesting proteins, mainly casein.

This way, we have great tasting ice cream that can be used for daily snacks or even as a full meal.

frozen blueberries ice-creamUsing hand stick blender, blend everything.

Remember when I said 'suitable tall pot' - stains from blueberries, blackberries and berries in general are hard to clean from clothes and other surfaces, so be sure to have a really tall pot and apron - better safe than sorry :)

Note: by varying amount of liquids, one can change thickens of ice cream.

And that is all - thick, creamy delicacy is prepared. It can be served right away, or you can put it in ice cream containers and in refrigerator/freezer for 30-60 minutes for ice cream to become even thicker.

frozen blueberries ice-cream

Blueberry ice cream represents a full meal - it is packed with complex carbs, fibers, slow digesting protein, it has some healthy fats, especially if made using whole goat or similar milk, and it has vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in abundance.

Note: if you like, before serving the blueberry smoothie/ice cream, add some powdered dark chocolate on top of the ice cream.

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