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Blueberry Kiwi Protein Smoothie

Blueberry kiwi protein smoothie is an easy and simple snack to make, loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other micro- and macronutrients, protein included.

By varying types of protein, this protein smoothie may be tailored for various snacks and meals, including breakfast, bed-time protein shakes, post-workout protein shakes, etc.

Published: May 14, 2024.

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As its name suggests, the ingredients of this protein smoothie are:

  • Frozen Blueberries: if you have just a few blueberry bushes, then you probably have some blueberries frozen in the freezer. While fresh ones are better, frozen ones allow one to make rather refreshing drinks/smoothies. Just 3-3.5 ounces (~100g) are more than enough.
  • Kiwi Fruit: one large or two smaller kiwis are enough.
  • Protein Powder: for slowly digesting meal go for casein protein, for post-workout smoothies go for whey protein, and for other occasions go for either one of them (or blend), depending if you are looking for slow digesting smoothie or fast one.

Some of the most popular protein supplements that may be used for making protein smoothies include (Amazon links, open in the new window):

Note: when choosing protein powders for fruity smoothies, go either for Vanilla flavor or for some berry flavor. IMHO, of course.

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Now, peel off the kiwi and slice it into smaller chunks, and put all the ingredients into the blender - you may also use suitable pot and hand blender.

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Add some water and blend it thoroughly.

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Note: no matter how many kiwis you put in, just a small amount of blueberries is enough to color the smoothie into a reddish-purple color. Also, stains from blueberries are very difficult to remove, so be careful when working with them.

Pour the smoothie into a suitable glass, add some decoration in the form of chocolate chips, and enjoy a very healthy protein smoothie.

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If you like, you can leave the smoothie for some 30 minutes in the freezer and enjoy it as a healthy ice cream.

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