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How To Make A Pomegranate Lemonade

Pomegranate lemonade is a very refreshing and tasty beverage that packs quite a punch in terms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but also in terms of aroma and fragrance.

Since both pomegranates and lemons may vary significantly in taste and how sweet/acidic they are, when combining pomegranate and lemon, try to find pomegranates and lemons that are not too sour/acidic.

Published: October 1, 2022.

pomegranate lemonade 1

The recipe for pomegranate lemonade is a very simple one - take 2-3 lemons and some pomegranate arils, juice them, mix them and that is it.

If such juice/lemonade is too strong, add some water.

Also, some people may find such lemonade too strong and too sour without additional sweeteners, but try adding some water, but not much in order to dilute the lemonade.

And, if You really must add sweeteners, go for the natural ones, like Stevia and similar.

pomegranate lemonade 2

To make things as simple as possible, we will use a manual citrus juicer and a manual press juicer for pomegranate.

Two small lemons may yield around 2 ounces of lemon juice, maybe a little less. Put the lemon juice in the suitable glass and juice the pomegranate.

pomegranate lemonade 3

To juice the pomegranate, we will use a manual press juicer which doesn't have the yield of a cold-press (masticating) electric juicer, but it also doesn't squeeze the pomegranate seeds, making the pomegranate juice less sour. I hope.

Put the pomegranate juice in the glass with lemon juice and mix gently with a spoon.

pomegranate lemonade 4

Since we used manual juicers, it is possible that some small parts of lemon and pomegranate are present in the juice, but they can be easily removed with a spoon.

So, two smallish lemons and 2-3 handfuls of pomegranate arils provided around 1 dcl (~3.5 ounces) of concentrated pomegranate lemon juice.

pomegranate lemonade 5

In order to make a pomegranate lemonade that is easy to drink, especially if both pomegranates and lemons are sour/acidic, add some water - diluting pomegranate lemon juice with water in a 1:1 ratio is good enough, IMHO, of course.

Pomegranate lemonade should be served fresh, with or without ice cubes, and also without sugar, stevia, or any other sweetener - if the taste is too strong, drink it slowly and enjoy its fragrance and aroma. Not to mention a bunch of vitamins and antioxidants ...

P.S. as always, these are real recipes, made by real people, for real people - these are not some fancy photos taken during a photo session by a professional photographer... Just the Author and an ordinary smartphone :)


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