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How to Quickly Make a Refreshing Orange Lemon Juice

The fastest way to make orange lemon juice is to use a good citrus juicer. Orange lemon juice can be very refreshing regardless of the season and the healthiest one is freshly made juice, loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other healthy compounds.

Published: January 19, 2022.

orange lemon juice 1Citrus juicers can be used for juicing oranges, lemons, and similar citrus fruits - hence the name.

In mixed juice like this one, oranges provide most of the juice and thus flavor, however, adding just one lemon adds a little bit of sharpness and bitterness, especially if one is using homegrown (recommended) or at least organically grown lemon.

Put the oranges (two larger oranges in this case) and the lemon on the cutting board and using a sharp knife slice them in half.

Most citrus juicers have fine mesh to prevent seeds from mixing with the juice, but just in case, if some seeds are visible and you have time, remove them.

Note: some citrus juicers have adjustable mesh to allow or prevent the pulp from mixing with the juice in the container. Personally, I like pulp in my orange/lemon juice, so I don't use the 'fine' mesh setting.

orange lemon juice 2

A good citrus juicer can make plenty of orange/lemon juice in no time - also, it is very easy to clean right away using warm water and some mild kitchen detergent. If you don't like hand washing your dishes (who does?), be sure to choose a dishwasher-safe citrus juicer.

Two oranges and lemon can be juiced in under 20 seconds - and that is all that is required for tasty and refreshing orange-lemon juice.

Serve and consume right away - it can be kept in the fridge some time, but the healthiest juices are fresh ones that are consumed right away.

orange lemon juice 3

Adding sweeteners to juices like this should be avoided - if it is too sour, drink it slowly or add some water, but not much. And next time use more oranges.

Personally, I find the best combination to be two larger oranges and one smaller to medium lemon.

Enjoy! :)

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