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Mixed Berry Smoothie

Mixed berries smoothie is made using various berries, low fat or cottage cheese, water or milk and if you like, some protein blend powder. And it takes only a minute or two to make it.

Published: February 3, 2020.

mixed berries smoothieWhich berries are going to be used depends on what you have in your garden, your freezer or in your store. Frozen berries are available year long, but fresh ones are, IMHO, better.

So, put the berries into the strainer and wash them a little bit with plenty of cold water.

mixed berries smoothiePut the berries in a tall pot, where they can be easily blended with other ingredients.

Note: stains from berries are sometimes hard to clean, so ...

mixed berries smoothieNow, add some low fat or cottage cheese and some protein blend powder. Such powders can be found in sport supplement stores or ordered on-line.

Just be sure not to order pure whey protein, since it digests too quickly to be used in smoothies like this - if you make smoothies using cheese, whey protein powder can be used, since low fat and/or cottage cheese contains casein (slow digesting protein) in abundance and together with berries, slows whey digestion to acceptable levels.

Casein protein powders are great, but they tend to be expensive.

Therefore, protein blends (mix of whey proteins, casein, egg protein etc) are best option. Also, protein powders contain very little lactose, so they are acceptable even for lactose intolerant people - even better, some protein powders contain additional digestive enzymes (lactase, for example), that help lactose intolerant people to digest such foods - great!!!

Note: for making smoothies with berries, choose protein powders flavors like vanilla, berry and similar.

mixed berries smoothieAdd water, whole milk (or skim milk, as you prefer) or even some yogurt and carefully blend everything using stick blender.

And that is all.

Depending on desired thickness, vary amounts of liquids in the smoothie.

Smoothie can be eaten right away or from decorative cups with some dark chocolate crumbs and some whole berries.

Also, some people like to add sliced berries into the finished smoothie.

No matter what, smoothie tastes great!

mixed berries smoothie

If smoothie is made with less liquids, after refrigeration in freezer of some 30-60 minutes, it will have consistency of an ice cream, very healthy ice cream, with almost no simple carbs - great even for people on calorie restricted diets.

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