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Mixed Fruits Smoothie Recipe

When making smoothies, one often has to use fruits at hand. By varying used fruits, one also varies taste, fragrance, and nutritional content of such fruits.

Published: June 11, 2020.

mixed-fruits-smoothie-1This smoothie is made using an orange, a kiwi fruit, a banana, and strawberries with cottage cheese.

So, put a peeled orange in a tall pot and blend it using hand stick blender or in an ordinary blender.

Pour blended orange into the glass.

mixed-fruits-smoothie-2Do the same with a kiwi fruit - blend it and pour it into the glass, without additional mixing with blended orange.


mixed-fruits-smoothie-3Slice banana and put it onto the orange/kiwi mix.

Although orange and kiwi mix is rather 'thin', most of the banana slices will stay afloat.

mixed-fruits-smoothie-4Blend the strawberries and cottage cheese without adding any liquids - cottage cheese will make blended strawberries rather thick.

Pour it onto the bananas in the glass.

If you like the sweeter taste of smoothies like this, add some stevia to oranges and strawberries.

I like chocolate, so whenever I have a chance, I add some dark chocolate chips as decoration and for additional taste.
Also, if you like, add some low-fat cocoa powder to strawberries and cottage cheese - strawberries and chocolate 'like' each other in such smoothies.


During summer, mix like this can be very refreshing, especially if cooled a little bit.

Also, it can be used as a healthy breakfast or as a daily snack. If you increase the amount of cottage cheese, it can be used even as a complete meal.

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