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Simple Orange Kiwi Juice

Orange and kiwi juice is one of the most refreshing and one of the healthiest juices one can make. And best of all, it can be made very quickly.

During summer, it can be served with a few ice cubes or kept in the fridge and served cold. However, if you are using a centrifugal juicer, try to consume the juice right away.

Published: January 19, 2022.

orange and kiwi juice 1Preparation is very simple.

Peel off one larger orange and two medium-size kiwis.

Depending on the type of juicer you have, you can slice/chop fruits using a sharp knife and kitchen board into smaller pieces.

orange and kiwi juice 2Since our plan was to consume the juice right away, we are using a centrifugal juicer.

Put the fruits into the juicer and juice it - it takes just a few seconds for the centrifugal juicer to extract the juice from fruits like oranges and kiwis.

And the juice is prepared!

orange and kiwi juice 3

Health benefits of this juice are numerous: it is loaded with various vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A etc. Also, it is rich in antioxidants that help the body in many ways.

Depending on the type of centrifugal juicer and the type of mesh/strainer used to separate fibers and other solids from liquids, such juice can be almost without fibers, or the fibers can be present in larger amounts - if such adjustments are possible, use mesh/strainer according to your individual needs and wishes.

Bone Appetite! :)

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