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Simple Unsweetened Raspberry Lemonade Recipe

Both lemons and raspberries have many health benefits and contain plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds.

But, when they are combined, they create a refreshing, aromatic, but also slightly acidic and tart raspberry lemonade, which can be made rather quickly.

Published: October 4, 2022.

raspberry lemonade 1

Raspberries are soft and juicy fruits that are easily juiced using a variety of juicers. They can even be juiced using a manual press juicer, although it requires some force to juice the raspberries properly.

But, a good cold-press juicer is highly recommended.

raspberry lemonade 2

So, put raspberries in the juicer and squeeze as much juice as possible.

The remaining solids are full of seeds, but when juicing plenty of raspberries, the remaining solids can be used for jams and pies.

raspberry lemonade 3

One and a half cups of raspberries can yield ~4-5 ounces (~1.2-1.5 dcl) of unsweetened raspberry juice.

raspberry lemonade 4

Three small lemons are juiced using a manual citrus juicer. If You intend to juice more lemons, an electric citrus juicer is highly recommended. Now, add lemonade to the raspberry juice.

raspberry lemonade 5

And that's it, an organic, unsweetened, undiluted raspberry lemonade is done - great aroma and fragrance, but it tends to be sour and a little bit sharp.

Actually, if the lemons are very acidic, this juice will be too strong for most people; thus, dilute it with a little bit of water and enjoy it in small sips.

The combination of raspberries and lemons leaves a very pleasant aftertaste, even when the juice is rather strong.

Note: if You want to sweeten it, use natural sweeteners like stevia or similar.

In smaller amounts, this lemonade can be used as an excellent appetizer, while a normal glass of juice can be considered even as a smaller meal, especially if a few fresh raspberries or other berries are consumed as well.

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