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Strawberries With Chocolate Dressing Dessert Recipe

Strawberries with chocolate dressing dessert is one of my favorite desserts - it combines the flavor of homegrown strawberries with the fragrance and aroma of dark chocolate.

This recipe usually contains only strawberries and dark chocolate, but one may use some milk to make the chocolate easier to work with or some natural sweetener to make the dessert sweeter.

Published: June 4, 2024.

strawberries chocolate dressing

Strawberries with chocolate dressing dessert recipe is very simple and straightforward.

strawberries chocolate dressing 1

Take some dark chocolate and put it into a metal pot. Clean and dry some strawberries.

strawberries chocolate dressing 2

Chop the strawberries and put them into suitable decorative bowls/pots/glasses (whatever you find suitable).

strawberries chocolate dressing 3

Place a pot with some water on the stove and wait until the water boils.

strawberries chocolate dressing 4

Place the pot with dark chocolate on the first pot and let the chocolate melt. Mix gently.

Note: Dark chocolate tends to solidify quickly - to prevent that, you can add a little bit of milk.

strawberries chocolate dressing 5

Cover the strawberries with chocolate dressing - do it quickly.

strawberries chocolate dressing 6

Note: This is a real-life recipe. If you want/need more time to make it more decorative, melt the chocolate to a higher temperature or add some milk. One may also use ready-made chocolate toppings, but they are usually full of added sugar and don't taste as good as dark chocolate. At least, not to me...

strawberries chocolate dressing 7

And that's it - strawberries with chocolate dressing dessert is done. 

You can place the cups in the refrigerator to let the chocolate solidify quickly and to make dessert more refreshing.


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