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How To Plant Rose Bush - Replanting Dormant Rose Plant

Replanting dormant roses is relatively easy, but it should be done carefully. If done properly, rose will soon start to grow and bloom even stronger, but if not, it can kill the plant.

Published: February 20, 2021.

Although roses are relatively resilient to replanting, especially when they are moved with most of the roots, the best period for replanting is late winter and early in spring, when plants are still dormant. Due to global warming (or new Ice Age, whatever is going on!), in some areas, during winter, roses more and more often don't even go to dormant state. No matter what, it is good practice to replant them before spring's longer and warmer days.

replanting dormant rose plantBefore digging out the rose bush, it is necessary to prepare a new rose pot. In this case, that is a 50 cm (20 inches) wide, ordinary plastic flower pot.

First, make enough drainage holes and fill around 3/4 of the pot with good flower soil. If you can find soil optimized for roses, great, if not, general flower soil will do just fine.

Also, add some hydroton clay pebbles, mineral fertilizer with coated pebbles (slow release of nutrients) and mineral fertilizer optimized for roses (8-16-20+0.1% Fe).

If your soil is too heavy or too sandy, add some compost and humus to improve it.

replanting-dormant-rose-plant-2Thoroughly mix everything. If necessary, add more hydroton pebbles - they help aerate the soil and keep it moist for longer, especially during warm summer days.

Carefully dig out dormant plant - try to remove the plant with as many roots as possible.

Rose bush can be replanted during vegetation period, however, root ball must be as large as possible and after planting, entire plant must be kept in the shade. Also, pruning can help in reducing amount of leaves, leading to less water lost due to evaporation.

replanting dormant rose plant

Place plant and roots into the new pot (of course, roots with the soil should fit into the new pot) - be sure that plant is positioned in the middle and upwards. Fill the rest of the pot.

replanting-dormant-rose-plant-4After replanting, gently water the rose. Since some soil setting will occur, be sure to add some more soil and hydroton pebbles after first watering

When warmer days come, rose plant will start to grow and bloom vigorously - it has more room for the roots and enough nutrients to support such growth.

Depending on the fertilizers you used and your personal habits, some refeeding should be done during growing season in the form of liquid or solid fertilizers and some hummus and/or compost.

 Water as needed, 2-3 times per week is enough, but during hot summer days watering should be done on a daily basis.


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