How To Grow Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the sweetest and tastiest fruits that can grow in a small garden. They require moderate care, but in return, they provide us with one of nature's best gifts - fresh homegrown strawberries.

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There are strawberries in supermarkets and shops that claim to be "organically" grown, but commercially grown strawberries can't beat homegrown strawberries in taste and fragrance. And today, there are also strawberry varieties that are very close to wild strawberries in taste and smell and can bear fruits the entire season.

Soil for Strawberries

Strawberries prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5, preferably around 6.0 - 6.2. Fertile loamy soil is the best - it should be rich in organic matter and must be drained well.

When preparing the soil patch for strawberries, it is a good practice to make a soil test to find out the exact pH of the soil and the amounts of various nutrients.

To improve the drainage and the soil in general, be sure to add good potting soil in abundance, mixed with organic fertilizers like compost, aged manure, worm casting, and similar.

Strawberries like the sun, so plant them in the full sun and keep the soil constantly moist - strawberries have a relatively shallow root system, so be sure to add nutrients regularly.

The best fertilizers are those with a gradual release of nutrients, organic or not. Balanced NPK fertilizers, like 15-15-15 with the gradual release of nutrients, are also an excellent choice when fertilizing strawberries, especially ever-bearing and day-neutral strawberries.

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Thanks to their size and growing requirements, strawberries can be easily grown in containers, grow bags, raised beds, etc. Also, in cold areas, strawberries can be grown indoors, just be sure not to forget to pollinate them manually.

How To Prune The Strawberries

During the growing season, remove any dead, damaged, or ill leaves and stems. Strawberries need plenty of air and sun to stay healthy, so growing them too thick is not recommended.

To improve the harvest, remove the runners as soon as they appear - leave runners only from the best plants and only replace the old ones.

In the late winter or early spring, prune strawberry plants more thoroughly to promote new growth.

How To Water The Strawberries

Strawberries have shallow roots and, as such, must be watered regularly.

During warm weather, strawberries must be watered every 2-3 days, and when grown in pots and containers, one should water them daily.

Note: when watering the strawberries, don't get plants (leaves, stems, flowers, fruits) wet.

The best option for watering the strawberries is a dripping water system (under the layer of mulch) - it keeps the moisture in the soil constant and avoids getting plants wet.

Strawberry Plants Growing Issues

Strawberry plants bear fruits for several years, after which they have to be replaced with new plants. Since the strawberries propagate via runners (one of the most popular methods), it is often more difficult to keep their number in check than to replace old plants with new ones.

Preventing contact between strawberries and soil is important for avoiding fruit rot - good mulch (straw, for example - hence the name) will help prevent fruits from touching the soil.

Also, strawberries are often grown using thin, non-transparent foil, or in containers, or using vertical planters - such systems prevent contact between fruits and soil and keep the fruits dry as much as possible.

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Strawberry plants are generally very healthy plants, especially when fruits are kept away from the soil (must be dry), when the plants are kept dry during watering, when there is plenty of air around the fruits and leaves, etc.

The most dangerous pests are birds, rabbits, deer, and similar animals that like the sweet taste of strawberries. To protect the strawberries from birds and other animals, cover the strawberry plants with a protective net that allows bees and other insects to pollinate the flowers.

Bugs that threaten the strawberry plants are often kept under control by ladybugs and similar "predatory" insects.

However, should You find it necessary to use some chemicals in your garden, not just for strawberries, always read the instructions before applying the chemical - better safe than sorry. Personally, it is better to remove a few ill or damaged plants than to use chemicals, but ...

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Sowing Strawberries

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Growing Strawberries in Grow Bags

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Obtaining Strawberry Plants

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How to Grow Strawberry Plants in Containers

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Strawberries Types

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