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Simple Fresh Strawberry Pie Recipe

Strawberry pie is one of my favorite pies. This recipe is simple and straightforward, except that it requires some overnight cooling - but it is worth waiting.

Published: May 10, 2021.


Ingredients for strawberry pie crust:

- 4 egg yolks,

- 170g (6 ounces) of margarine, preferably vanilla flavored,

- 100g (3.5 ounces) of sugar,

- 250g (9 ounces) of cake (smooth) or all-purpose flour,

- 1 baking powder.

Ingredients for strawberry pie cream:

- 4 egg whites,

- 3 glasses of yogurt (540g - 19 ounces),

- 2 glasses of sour cream (20% milkfat - 360g - 13 ounces),

- 150g of sugar,

- 5 tablespoons of flour (70g - 2.5 ounces).

 Other ingredients:

- 600g (21 ounces) of fresh strawberries,

- cake topping, fine sugar, chocolate chips, etc.

In a suitable pot, combine the egg yolks, margarine, sugar, flour, and baking powder - mix until the dough is smooth enough for rolling with a rolling pin. Roll the dough until it is around 5mm (roughly 1/5 of an inch) thick and put it into the pie pan (25 cm - 10 inches in diameter) - trim excess dough from the edge.

In a second pot, put egg whites and beat them until the snow is formed.

In another pot, combine sugar, yogurt, sour cream, flour with egg white snow and mix them thoroughly.

Pour the cream onto the pie crust and bake everything on 170°C (340°F) for an hour in preheated oven.

When the pie is done, let it settle for few hours and then refrigerate it overnight.

In the morning, make a strawberry juice using 100g (3.5 ounces) of strawberries, mix the juice with cake topping (can be bought as a general cake topping in small pouches), and boil them for few minutes (cake toppings differ, so does their cooking time).

Put the rest of the strawberries (500g) on the pie custard and pour the topping over the strawberries. Again, let it settle down and cool in the fridge for an hour or two.

Note: if strawberries are too large, cut them into smaller pieces.

Also, some fine sugar, cocoa powder or even chocolate chips can be added to the pie topping.


Strawberry pie can be served with even more strawberries, chocolate-covered strawberries, other berries, some whipped cream, etc. Only the sky is the limit :)

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