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Strawberries Types

There are several strawberry types regarding fruits bearing. They all have their strength and weaknesses, so care must be taken when choosing suitable types.

Updated: March 14, 2020.


Generally, strawberries come in three types:

- June-bearing varieties bear all their fruits in June. There are early, mid or late varieties – they bear their fruits in early, mid or late June. Also depending on climate, this can be few days earlier or later, but they bear only once. These plants can grow very large with many runners – in good conditions they spread quickly. Fruits can be numerous depending on the soil, water, sun and of course variety of the strawberry. In first year of growth, few flowers that they produce should be removed so that plants grow stronger for next season – this is important for plants grown from seeds and new runners.

- Ever-bearing varieties bear their fruits from late spring to early autumn, usually in two or three waves, with some fruits in between. Plants usually stay small with only few runners. They produce fruits in first year.

- Day-neutral varieties bear their fruits from spring to early autumn, depending on climate. Plants stay small, but produce plenty of fruits and not many runners. As with ever-bearing strawberries, they produce fruits in first year.

For small gardens and pot growing ever-bearing and day-neutral types are best choice - they bear fruits in smaller amounts, but for longer period.

Also, they can be planted with other plants in the same containers - this can be regular practice or if you just want to plant several plants of some new variety for testing. Anyway, when you have several different plants in single pot, they can be very colorful decoration of every garden or backyard, with plenty of tasty fruits to pick up regularly.

Personally, I have many types and varieties and most of the time I have no idea which is which :o)

But when they start to bear fruits, I am very careful in marking those that I prefer - regarding amounts, taste and fragrance of fruits, resistance to heat, cold, diseases etc.

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