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Greenworks GLM801603 Pro 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks GLM801603 Pro is a cordless walk-behind lawn mower, intended for yards up to 1 acre (~4047 m2) in size. It features a brushless motor offering output power comparable with gas-powered walk-behind models, combined with so-called 'Smart Cut' load sensing technology, prolonging the runtime.

Greenworks GLM801603 Pro is compatible with the Greenworks 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah batteries and can be purchased with batteries and charger or as a bare tool.

Published: December 5, 2020.

greenworks glm801602 1

Greenworks GLM801603 Pro Features and Specifications

Greenworks GLM801603 Pro is a 3-in-1 walk-behind cordless lawn mower, coming with three features, including mulching, side discharge, and rear bag collection.

When the unit arrives, it must be assembled, which is not an issue - just follow the instructions in the Owner's Guide.

Also, although Greenworks GLM801603 Pro is rather easy to use and maintain, in order to get accustomed to your new lawn mower, read the Owner's Guide thoroughly - better safe than sorry.

No-load blade speed is 2800 rpm (~47 revs per second), which is very good for a cordless lawn mower featuring 21" (~53.3 cm) cutting width.

Although many parts are made of plastic, the deck is made of steel, prolonging the warranty period - Greenworks GLM801603 Pro comes with a 4-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty.

Note: warranty conditions may change over time, so please, check before purchasing Greenworks GLM801603 Pro or any other lawn mower.

 With its Greenworks 80V 4.0Ah GBA80400 battery, Greenworks GLM801603 Pro weighs ~65 pounds (~29.6 kg) - Greenworks GLM801603 Pro is not some ultralight, cordless toy, intended for quick cuts here and there.

The unit comes with 8-inch (~20.3 cm) front wheels and 10-inch (~25.4 cm) rear wheels, helping with the maneuvering around the yard, even up and down the slopes.

However, if You are planning on mowing the slopes, before actual mowing, read the Owner's Guide with the Greenworks' recommendations regarding the slopes.

greenworks gba80400

Greenworks GLM801603 Pro can be purchased as a bare tool, or with 2.0Ah (GBA80200) or 4.0Ah (GBA80400) batteries.

Since Greenworks 80V Pro batteries may be used in 20+ Greenworks tools, and since 4.0Ah battery stores almost 290Wh of energy, 4.0Ah battery is the preferred choice for Greenworks GLM801603 Pro lawn mower.

Unit also comes with the Greenworks GCH8040 single battery charger:

greenworks gch8040

The Greenworks GCH8040 lithium battery charger is able to recharge an 80V 2.0Ah battery in 30 minutes and 80V 4.0Ah battery in 60 minutes.

The runtime of the Greenworks GLM801603 Pro depends on many things, but generally, when the lawn is regularly mowed and there is no tough grass to cut, Greenworks GBA80400 lasts longer than the battery charger requires to recharge it - two batteries may be cycled for almost indefinite time.

But, taller and tougher grass, not perfectly sharp blade, and other little details can shorten the runtime significantly - in the case of tall, tough grass, the runtime of the Greenworks GLM801603 Pro on a single 80V 4.0Ah battery can be 15-20 minutes.

battery compartment

Both the battery and the battery charger comes with the battery charge indicators, allowing the user to see the remaining battery charge and the battery charging status.

Greenworks GLM801603 Pro comes with the single-lever height adjusting system that allows the user to quickly set cutting height between 1 3/8 and 3 3/4 inch (~3.5 - 9.5 cm), which is more than enough for most lawns.

greenworks glm801602 3

When the Greenworks GLM801603 Pro is not in use, it can be stored horizontally or to save space, vertically.

Note: when the unit is stored vertically, it is rather stable, but just in case, don't let pets and kids to play around it, since it can be pushed over.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a strong and robust cordless walk-behind lawn mower, consider Greenworks GLM801603 Pro lawn mower.

It features a little bit heavier, but robust steel deck, a rather long operating time on a single battery charge, strong brushless motor combined with the 'Smart Cut' technology ensuring accurate cuts and efficient use of energy stored at its onboard battery.

greenworks glm801602 2

Also, Greenworks 80V Pro batteries may be used in 20+ Greenworks 80V Pro tools, simplifying the battery management and in the end, decreasing the price.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow Greenworks GLM801603 Pro 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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