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How to Cut and Serve a Watermelon

Watermelons can be cut in many ways, but most often the simplest way is the best. For me, that means removing both ends of the fruit and then cutting watermelon in slices.

Watermelon can be served in slices or in smaller chunks.

Published: November 30, 2022.


On the photo - watermelon from a home garden, weighing little more than 6kg (around 13 pounds) - not the biggest one, but the goal of growing watermelons in home gardens are quality and taste, not record-breaking watermelons :)

Note: tendril on the photo is half-dead, almost dead - sing of ripe watermelon.

how to cut a watermelonPut a watermelon on a wooden kitchen board and using a large and strong (it should not bend easily) sharp knife remove an end with a tendril and then ...


how to cut a watermelon... remove another end.

Be sure to remove the part with a 'white' flesh and leave red (sweet) one.

how to cut a watermelonPosition watermelon vertically (rather easy since both ends are flat now), estimate the center of watermelon, and make a cut from the top ...


how to cut a watermelon... all the way to the bottom.

how to cut a watermelonNow, make the second cut in the same way - from the top ...


how to cut a watermelon... to the bottom.

As a precaution, using a left-hand thumb (if you are right-handed), hold the slice in position.

how to cut a watermelonNow, continue to make as many slices as you want.

Note: it takes some practice to cut watermelon slices of the same thickness and height, but it is not rocket science :)

This watermelon is fully ripe, even some parts show signs of being a little bit overripe.

how to cut a watermelon

The easiest way to serve watermelons is to cut them in slices. Using a thin knife (filleting knife, for example), one can even remove most of the seeds.

how to cut a watermelonAnother way to serve a watermelon is watermelon cut into chunks and served in a suitable bowl or plate.

Take a slice of watermelon and make vertical cuts every 2-4 cm (depending on the desired chunk size).

how to cut a watermelonPosition slice above the bowl and cut off chunks of watermelon.

For smaller chunks, make two cuts - first through the middle of the red part and second cut on the border between the white and red part.

 And that is all. Note that watermelons should be cooled in the fridge prior to cutting. When cut, it is exposed to the air and it starts slowly to lose quality.

how to cut a watermelon

 Serve and enjoy it :)


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